Putting the horsey buns in the oven!

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Putting the horsey buns in the oven!

Post by KohakuYuki on Mon Apr 11, 2016 10:43 am

When you breed a horse you do the following:

-Take a female horse and put her into a stable that has a breeding market, not all stables do, if you have a male to go with her do the same with him as well.

-Recover both horses so the stamina and health bars are full.

-Take the male horse, if you have one if not skip to the next step but instead of my horse just look for a horse you like on the breeding market and hit apply, click on register at breeding market, click yes, then click show only me, this parts very important or other people WILL steal your horses breeding point and you will be fucked, then click register. This will cost 35k silver.

-Now click your female horse, click on the icon at the bottom of the stables that says breeding market, click on my horse, click on Apply. You now will have to wait 3 hours for a foal to be born, unless you pay 130 pearls to speed it up.

-In 3 hours, or instant if you speed it up, click on the mother, click on receive foal.

-Name said foal and click register, this is your bouncing baby! Enjoy the awesomeness.

-Its not over yet! Go to breeding market, go to my horses, and click receive to get your male back.

-ALL your males will now be on a 6 hour coo ldown where no breeding can take place, notice I said males, your females can still breed with available males on the breeding market.

-Recover both horses, the parents, and wait till the cool downs over unless you no longer want to parents.

-If you no longer want the parents, hit exchange, click both parents, put in a name for a new foal, then hit exchange again, this will cost 35k silver as well.

-This process, exchanging, is allowed once every 24 hours, and will result in an instant foal, it does not proc the male breeding cool down nor does it get affected by it.


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